Construction Worker Lifting Wood Board


Construction Management & Construction

Innoarc is committed to providing a multitude of services for our clients. Staying true to our commitment, we are happy to offer Construction Management (CM). Because our clients are the number one priority, we take time to understand your unique needs and challenges to develop a tailored construction management plan that will save you time, money, and headaches.

The most attractive benefit of a designer-led CM is cost effectiveness. Our clients have been able to reduce construction costs by eliminating a general contractor’s overhead profit and the cost of a project superintendent employed by the general contractor. When the architect provides CM services, much of the money that would have gone to pay the project management fee can be paid to the architect as compensation for performing the CM services.

Another added benefit of a designer-led CM is reduction of risk. Our goal is to reduce our client’s risk by making the process of design and construction seamless and headache free. Our process is comprehensive and clear-cut. Our in-house CM team designs the project, prepares construction documents, serves as your advisor, and actively solicits bids from a select group of contractors. Contractors are chosen based on past performance and a demonstrated ability to comprehend the project scope, perform the work contracted for, and minimize requests for additional information or increased compensation.